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Name Labels Can Save You Money

We've all done it; each of us has left an item in a cab, on a bus, or in school. If they don't have name tapes, we usually don't get them back, but how often do we take the time to use name labels on our clothing and other items?

How Many Times Have You Purchased Costly Merchandise, Only to Have it Lost?

Name TapesJackets, backpacks, tennis shoes are all items which can be readily mislaid on public transportation, in school, or even in a nursing home. Imagine the high cost of replacing the clothing alone, not to mention what may be inside the backpack or jacket pocket.

No matter how careful our children or we may be, sometimes items are forgotten or mislaid. Making sure that we have every chance to get them back is a very simple matter these days. Even the most honest person can’t return your property unless you have identified it as yours with name tapes or name labels.

If it isn't clearly labeled, it's simply gone and you are out the money that you paid for these expensive items. Ensuring that lost items can be returned to you or readily identified means ensuring that you have a means to identify them or that someone else has a way to do so in order to return it.

With sewn-on or iron on labels, your expensive apparel can usually find its way back to you. Without them, you may simply be replacing item after item on a monthly basis.

There is a Solution to Recovering Your Expensive Personal Goods.

Name LabelsWhen you take just a few moments to use name labels on jackets, shoes, school bags or backpacks, the odds of recovering those items goes up exponentially.

With a wide array of different sew in or iron on labels, some of them even waterproof name labels, we can help you to assure that you keep the costly items that you provide to family members. Waterproof so they are even suitable for shoes or even iron-on varieties are available so that they cannot be readily removed, you can attach kids name labels to nearly anything that they own these days.

Name Tapes and Labels Can Help You to Recover More of the Items Which are Mislaid or Lost.

Whether you are labeling clothing for a school aged child, or an elderly person in a care home, Name It tells the world that these items are yours and saves you a bundle of money in replacement costs. Take charge of getting some of your lost items back again by labeling them clearly. Browse our site and see what we have to offer so far as personalized labels that are suitable for all types of items.

Keep more of the expensive items that you buy with Name-Tapes.com Name tapes. Iron-on, Sew-on, and waterproof labels suitable for nearly any item that you want to identify as yours.


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